SuDev Planet derives from the SUstainable DEVelopment of our Planet, our ONE Home.

It focuses on the improvement of:

Health – Environment – Food

We understand that good intentions transform into good results when people can maintain their levels of comfort. SuDev Planet aims to enable change by providing alternative solutions incorporating new approaches, new technologies and new techniques to work in harmony with social awareness to minimise our collective impact upon our planet, our ONE Home without unduly lowering our standards of living.

Our plan

Improve food availability by providing natural bio-stimulants for crops improving yields and quality.

Reduce pesticides by improving the health of plants.

Improve the natural health of plants and animals, helping them to naturally resist stress and disease.

Reduce pollution by removing spilled oil from the environment.


SuDev Planet is based on the River Hamble, in the south of the UK and so enjoys good transport links with the rest of the United Kingdom and its proximity to the sea enables us to engage in our own research activities.


We operate with a small core team of professionals who are all multi-functional. Multi-functionality ensures that new ideas and new concepts can be effectively implemented because our personnel do not get “tunnel visioned” by only doing a single role. It also enables our personnel to get more variety in their work experience which promotes job satisfaction and improves the engagement with our Clients and suppliers.

Customer service

We listen to our customers and review carefully their needs in order to collaboratively design and develop a custom solution to maximise the benefits to them.

SuDev Planet Inception

“Dear friends,

We have ONE Planet to call our Home.
Our ONE Home is shared between many different residents –  people, animals, plants, sea life, insects, geology etc.

Our ONE Home has become dominated by one resident – humanity – and we have altered our
 ONE Home to suit our developing lifestyle, largely at the expense of the other residents.

Our ONE Home is at an unprecedented stage where population growth has placed huge pressure upon food production, food production in turn has placed huge demands upon potable water and land availability. In parallel, climate change has impacted habitats with wide ranging consequences and pollution has made parts of our ONE Home unsuitable for many of our residents.

SuDev Planet derives from the SUstainable DEVelopment of our Planet, our ONE Home. SuDev Planet has been born from a personal journey to help, in a small way, to make our Planet a place that we are proud to call Home.

Please join me in my journey…”

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