Our partner AlgaEnergy is one of the foremost research and product development companies in the world for microalgae products.

AlgaEnergy have been performing research and development of microalgae products for over 8 years and have been successfully providing the agricultural and aquaculture sectors with high quality, balanced nutritional products in Spain. SuDev Planet are pleased to be a partner with AlgaEnergy in order to bring these products to the UK and Ireland markets.

The microalgae for commercial use are grown in the AlgaEnergy production plant in Cadiz, southern Spain whilst research is performed at their pilot plant facility in Spain. The production plant adjoins the Iberdrola combined cycle power station and benefits from utilising filtered CO2 from the power station exhaust to feed the microalgae. Approximately 2kg of CO2 is utilised to produce 1kg of microalgae – helping to reduce carbon emissions by producing a highly beneficial product.

Existing strains of microalgae are utilised which ensures that they and their derivative products are completely natural. The microalgae products that are available in the UK and Ireland provide beneficial nutrients for the following:

  • Agricultural biostimulant to improve the health, yield and quality of crops, hydroponics and nurseries.
  • Grass-stimulation to stimulate grass growth and recovery after stress.
  • Aquaculture to help fish larvae develop and grow in hatcheries and then onward to fish farms.
  • Future – microalgae derived products are in development for human nutritional supplements, animal nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, biodiesel and personal care and cosmetic additives.

AlgaEnergy Biostimulant

Bio-stimulation for cropsAlgaEnergy has developed a potent agricultural biostimulant named AgriAlgae® based on extracts from different own cultured microalgae strains. AgriAlgae® is a 100% natural product whose variants can be utilised for both soil based and hydroponic based food production.

Bio-stimulation provides pre-cursor nutrients to the plants (amino acids and phytohormones) which enables them to maximise growth because they don’t need to internally manufacture these key nutrients themselves – increasing crop health, yield and quality. Most current bio-stimulants provide either amino acids (typically derived from fish waste) or phytohormones (typically derived from seaweed) – our microalgae derived bio-stimulants are one of the few products available that provide BOTH types of nutrients in a single cost-effective product. AgriAlgae® reaches high levels of all essential free L-amino acids, polysaccharides, phytohormones, trace elements and antioxidants among others, forming the perfect complement to any application and crop variety.

In addition to boosting yield and quality, the application of bio-stimulants after periods of stress (eg adverse weather, disease, pest attack, trampling etc) can also help the plants recover. Feedback from farmers in Spain has indicated reduced occurrence of pest, fungal and bacterial attack due to improved plant health.

AgriAlgae®- Organic variant is an organically certified product, which has been developed in close cooperation with important fertilizing companies at an international level, within the frame of the AlgaEnergy research program CENIT VIDA. Excellent results in terms of increased agricultural performance of any kind of crop have been obtained by using AgriAlgae®.

 Although originally developed for commercial applications, ALL of the AgriAlgae® suite of products can be used equally well on a small scale, domestic basis (whether for houseplants, greenhouses or gardens) so that everyone can benefit from the invigoration provided by the AgriAlgae® biostimulants.

All of the AgriAlgae® variants supplied by SuDev Planet are available in the following volumes: 1 L, 5 L, 25 L and 1000 L.

Benefits and Advantages

Some of the demonstrated benefits and advantages of using AgriAlgae® include:

  • 100% natural and harmless product  
  • Increased crop yields
  •  Greater root development
  •  Larger and heavier fruits
  • Greater vigour
  • Promotes the regeneration of tissues
  • Increases the flowering and fruit-setting
  • Improves the resistance to stress
  • Optimizes different quality traits


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