AlgaEnergy – microalgae derived products

Our partners at AlgaEnergy are developing microalgae derived products that will have positive benefits for the following:

  • AlgaeFood® – microalgae variant for human nutritional supplements
  • AlgaeFood® – microalgae variant for animal nutritional supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals derived from microalgae
  • AlgaeCare® – products derived from microalgae for personal care and cosmetic additives
  • AlgaeDiesel® – biodiesel derived from microalgae which does NOT involve displacement of food crops.

Test1 – Unspoil Oleophilic Foam

The name Unspoil is derived from two pieces of wordplay – Un-Spoil-the-environment and Un-Oil-Spill. The name Unspoil perfectly explains the purpose and the function of the product.

Our partner Test1 is an Italian company that has developed an oleophilic foam that can be used to absorb all kinds of oil – from crude oil spills to cooking oil.

The oleophilic foam, known as Unspoil in UK and Ireland, can be re-used and the oil that it has absorbed on each cycle can be recovered and recycled.

Most oil absorbing foams on the market have limited capability to recover and re-use the oil and have limited capability to be re-used. Unspoil can be re-used between 20 and 100 times depending upon the external coating applied.

Applications for Unspoil include:

  • Offshore crude oil spill remediation;
  • Inshore oil spills (highly popular with fire services in Italy);
  • Marina water quality;
  • Boat oil leak emergency packs;
  • Oil recovery services;
  • Food production facilities.

Our partners at Test1 have created a video (in Italian) showing the oil absorbency capability of Unspoil and that it preferentially absorbs oil rather than water improving the removal efficiency for any oil spills. It also demonstrates the ability to re-use the Unspoil by “squeezing” the oil out of the foam, the oil can then be recycled. Finally, there is a brief demonstration of one of the Unspoil mats designed to remove oil from large spills and which can be reused upto 100 times – again the recovered oil can be recycled.