The UK & Ireland have many grass areas that endure frequent stress due to sporting events or heavy footfall for example during festivals. physical stresses can damage both the leaf and the root system of the grass. The AgriAlgae®Grass stimulant is derived from the AgriAlgae® suite of microalgae products and is an ideal product to help stimulate new grass growth and to help existing grass recover after periods of stress. Application to sports fields and public grass areas can help grass to recover after heavy footfall, for example after a sporting event – football, rugby, golf, horse racing, festivals, concerts etc.

Application of AgriAlgae®Grass to grazing land can also help grass to grow faster and stronger which will assist animal nutrition and growth.

Application of AgriAlgae®Grass to domestic lawns and gardens can also improve the quality and vigour of the grass.

The AgriAlgae®Grass variant is available in 1 L, 5 L, 25 L and 1000 L volumes.

AgriAlgae®Grass variant biostimulant is applied by spraying it on the grass. The typical dosage is 250-300 ml/100 litres of water and from 3 to 6 applications through the growing cycle at roughly 15 day intervals.

Typical AgriAlgae®Grass Composition Profile